Linndrum replacement powersupply

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Linndrum power supply board

The Dtronics LinnPSU for linndrum gives you more stability, reliability and less heat.
The high-end onboard voltage regulator produces a clean and stable output.
There are 2 potmeters on board to adjust the main voltage and the memory voltage.
The board has a over current protection like the original.
The Linnpsu is easy to install. Replace that worn out powerboard that has been eaten by battery acid.
This new board has a battery holder so you can easy and fast replace any faulty battery.
Batteries are not included, we recommend "ready to use" NiMh batteries.

-7pin power plug, please check if your linndrum has the 7pin (and NOT the 10pin) molex connector before you order!

-To avoid damage to your Linndrum, we recommend to have this unit installed by a qualified electronics engineer.
-Installing this powersupply is at your own risk.

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