Merlet Audio QuadVU 4 channel analog VU meter with peak indicator

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The Merlet QuadVU makes it very easy to be inserted in your existing signal path. Simply connect the output to be displayed to the female XLR / Jack connector and route the male XLR connector of the same channel to its designation (built-in “Y-cable” functionality).

The Merlet QuadVU provides precise measurement of audio levels. The analog moving coil VU meters will give you accurate level indication. A peak indicator is present above each meter. Merlet  Audio has combined all the necessary features in the QuadVU.

  • Thru jacks on XLR
  • Two switchable operating levels (+4dBu and -10dBV)
  • Adjustable overload (peak) indicators
  • Balanced inputs  (XLR/JACK combo)
  • 2U space enclosure, less than 6.3" (160mm) deep
  • Internal World wide Power Suppy ( 100 to 240VAC 50/60Hz)

Technical Data:
VU Meter Section (per channel):
0 VU level: +4 dBu and -10dBV (selectable on back, can be adjusted)
Overload light: activated at 16dBu (+2 dBV when switched to -10dBV scale)
Input Impedance : > 14 kOhm (>5 kOhm unbalanced)
Input voltage: 100 to 240VAC 50/60Hz
Maximum Total Power: 2W

Pass Through:
XLR Pass Through: balanced (1 ground, 2 +, 3 -)

Width x Depth x Height: 19” x 6.3” x 3.55”
482mm x 160mm x 90mm
Weight: 2600g

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