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Dtronic Quick series midi boxes providing the best quality and extreme low latecy.
Compact and easy to use. They come in a fancy translucent blue case.

Dtronics Quick Serie - Merge

  • Merges 2 midi inputs to 3 midi outputs.
  • Extreme low latency
  • Midi buffers inside to catch peaks in midi data
  • Priority for realtime data such as midi clock.

The Dtronics DT-QM is a 2 input, 3 output midi merger.
Input activity LEDs: each input has a midi activity LED to show incoming midi data.
Signal cleaner: The signal cleaner cleans up distorted midi data into a fresh and crispy signal.
Output activity LED: This LED lites up as long as there is data in the midi output buffer.
Powered over usb (USB cable included)

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