Dtronics DT-300

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Dtronics DT300, A programmer for Alpha Juno and MKS-50 synthesizer.

Add easy programming to your Roland Alpha Juno and MKS-50.

This product, will give you many years of joy programming your synthesizer.

It has the same features as the original PG-300 programmer. 
Designed with the latest technology and high quality components.

The DT-300 is specially designed for the ALPHA JUNO-1 and the ALPHA JUNO-2. ( MKS-50 , HS-10 , HS-80 )
By using the DT-300, a tone color can be much more easily and quickly edited or created from scratch. 
This tone modifying function of the DT-300 uses MIDI Exclusive messages which are specific messages used by the Alpha JUNO and MKS-50. 

-Switchable between midi sysex and midi cc (cc numbers can't be changed)
-LED faders, LEDs can be turned on / off / auto off (after 5 min)
-Can be used with ROLAND MKS-50 , ALPHA JUNO 1 and 2
-Nice black custom housing
-Power supply included
-3 year warranty

Power: 9VDC, 1Watt
DIN cable

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