Dtronics DT-303

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NOTE: The DT-303 is available for pre-order.
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The DT-303 introduces a distinctive and original design, which stands out from ordinary clones. Featuring three adjustable blends with subtle variations in the frequency spectrum, users can adjust the distortion from a mild touch to an intense, overstated experience.

The distortion knob lets you spice things up from minor to overrated distortion.

Use the filter knob to suppress those high frequencies. A volume knob has been added to adjust the output level to your needs. You can quickly switch back to the original sound with the bypass button.

The DT-303 is designed to fit perfectly next to your TB-303 or RE-303. With the connections at the back, you no longer have spaghetti wires hanging over your things.

Good to know

The DT-303 is not an effects pedal. In fact, it is intended for use with a line input. So you can't use it with a microphone or guitar.


  • Robust heavy metal housing
  • 4 types of distortion Classic / Turbo / Overdrive / Bypass
  • 3 buttons for: Distort / Filter / Volume
  • Automatic center positive or center negative detection
  • 9V power supply

Included in the box:

  • Dtronics DT-303
  • 9V power supply

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